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Proposition 28: Arts and Music in Schools


On November 8, 2022, California voters approved Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act. The measure required the state to establish a new, ongoing program supporting arts instruction in schools beginning in 2023–24.

The legislation allocates 1 percent of the kindergarten through grade twelve (K–12) portion of the Proposition 98 funding guarantee provided in the prior fiscal year, excluding funding appropriated for the AMS education program. Local educational agencies (LEAs) with 500 or more students are required to ensure that at least 80 percent of AMS funds to be expended are used to employ certificated or classified employees to provide arts education program instruction. The remaining funds must be used for training, supplies and materials, and arts educational partnership programs, with no more than 1 percent of funds received to be used for an LEA’s administrative expenses. The full text of the statute is available here: Chapter 5.1 of Part 6 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Education CodeExternal link opens in new window or tab. (Section 8820 et seq.).




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