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Measure A (WUHS Gym)

The WUHSD Board of Trustees has approved a proposed bond measure to be placed on the March 3, 2020 ballot. Measure A requires 55% voter approval and would authorize the sale of $38,950,000 in bonds to fund the construction of a NEW Gymnasium and the renovation of the existing Gymnasium at Wasco Union High School.


Sample Property Tax Bill


Project List:


Construct New Gymnasium - A 2,000+ capacity gymnasium near the corner of 5th and Poplar (adjacent to northeast student parking lot) will add an updated facility capable of supporting Physical Education (PE) and athletics for the current and future student enrollment. The existing gym would continue serving students for PE and athletics as well. Estimated Cost: $30 million


Renovate Exisiting Gymnasium - Renovate and modernize the existing gymnasium facility (approximately 90 years old) to continue serving students in PE and athletics. A secondary "practice" gym will allow more PE and athletic activities to take place simultaneously and better serves the needs of a growing student population and community. Estimated Cost: $5 - 10 million



ADDED NOTE - Measure A is very similar to Measure E (November 2018), a previous bond measure that just missed the 55% required voter approval percentage required with only 54.64% approval.


Measure A is very similar to Measure E but does NOT include funding for a new swimming pool / aquatics facility.


Aquatic Complex - A 35 - 40 meter X 25 yard 10 - 12 lane swimming pool will provide aquatic activities for PE classes, competitive swimming / diving, and water polo. Additionally, the Aquatic Complex would be available for community use through a district facility request, such as: Swim Lessons, Rec Swim Club, and Lap Swimming.

Estimated Cost: $10 million


Modernization - Continued modernization is needed to support the current and future student enrollment. Additional modernization and renovation projects may include: Central Corridor Walkway, Bus Garage, Buildings 300 (language arts) and 400 (industrial arts).

Estimated Cost: $5 million+