Wasco Union High School District

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Reopening Schools Plan

The Wasco Union High School District began reopening both schools for in-person instruction starting the week of October 26th, 2020. To reopen schools safely, only small groups of students at both Wasco High and Independence High will return throughout the remainder of the Fall Semester. All students may return on an A/B schedule (only 50% at a time), 1-2 days / week starting January 26th, 2021.
Small Student Groups will begin: 
  • October 26th - Athletic Conditioning Groups
  • October 27th - Students with Disabilities Group 1
  • November 3rd - At-Risk Group (Homeless, Foster Youth, Students without WiFi)
  • November 5th - Steel Drum Group
  • November 10th - English Learner Group (Level 1)
  • November 12th - Students with Disabilities Group 2A
  • November 17th - Students with Disabilities Group 2
  • December 1st - Students with Disabilities Group 3
  • December 3rd - Students with Disabilities Group 3A
Wasco Independence High School will begin (50% ONE DAY / WEEK, A/B Schedule):
  • November 3rd, 2020
Wasco High School will begin (50% TWO DAY / WEEK, A/B Schedule):
  • January 26th, 2021