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Dear Wasco High Community:


For 108 years, the District has worked with our community to provide educational excellence and safety for our students. Today, hundreds of students are interested in fields such as agriculture, nursing, and law enforcement when they graduate.  We want to support those dreams by providing job training, technical knowledge, and specialized skills for students wanting to acquire real-world skills and compete for a job in these fields.


As Superintendent, I have also prioritized the safety of our students, teachers, and staff. To maintain our High School’s safety, our schools must continue upgrading emergency communications systems, lighting, door locks, alarms, and cameras. These health/safety concerns include needing to upgrade parts of our campus built over 70 years ago, that have never had air conditioning. This past year our community averaged 110 days over 90 degrees, and our High School needs to provide properly ventilated facilities during extremely hot days.


To continue to address the needs and priorities of our community, the District is collecting input from parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and the public. Please join the conversation and share your priorities by taking the online community survey.

So far, we’ve heard the following priorities for our local schools:

-Retaining and attracting quality teachers.
-Improving accessibility for disabled students.
-Continuing to provide safe drinking water.
Updating active shooter preparedness.
-Upgrading fire safety.
-Upgrading schools to prepare students for college and careers.


We greatly appreciate your input! Over the summer months, the District will continue engaging our community to gather feedback. We look forward to keeping you updated.



Kevin Tallon