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School Health Services

The School nursing staff in the Wasco Union High School District includes 1 full-time California Credentialed School Nurse
for the District and a health clerk at Independence High School. 
School Nurse Wordle
As the district's only credentialed, licensed, qualified health professional, I support and advocate for student well-being,
safety, and equal access to academic success.
School nursing is a highly specialized field within the nursing profession that focuses on enhancing the overall well-being and educational achievements of students. School nurses play a crucial role in bridging the gap between school staff, families, the local community, and healthcare professionals. Their primary objective is to champion the health of students and cultivate a nurturing and health-conscious school environment.
School Nurse Contact
Parents are encouraged to contact the District nurse if their child has a health condition impacting the child at school. 
Yuri Sanchez RN, BSN, PHN                                                Erica Esquivel 
District Nurse                                                                         Health Clerk
661-758-7400 ext. 55122                                                      Independence High school 
[email protected]                                                   661-758-7450 ext. 60105