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Travel includes attendance at workshops, seminars, conventions, conferences, or other meetings, which are a requirement of the position and/or of interest to the district.  Employees must obtain approval by the Site Administrator, Superintendent and/or Chief of Business Official prior to registering or prepaying for any travel related expenses.  


  1. Notify your site Administrator of your proposed travel/conference request. Provide as much information as possible (dates/location/estimated expenses/purpose).
  2. After the site Administrator has approved your request, submit a Conference Request Form with a copy of the conference brochure, agenda, registration materials and a copy of the purchase request form for the registration fee to the Principal’s Secretary.  
  3. All required documentation must be submitted at least two (2) weeks or one (1) month (if requires overnight stay) prior to any conference cutoff/deadlines (this includes special pricing deadline).  
  4. The conference and purchase request forms must list the budget account code.  Your Principal’s Secretary can assist you in obtaining an account code.  List the cost of each category, including conference registration, lodging, travel, mileage and other.  The conference request form will be processed and sent to the District Office. Out of state conferences need to be submitted for board approval.  The conference request form is available on the District’s Website at: under the Business & Human Resource Office tab, Forms
  5. Once the conference request has been received by the District Office, you will receive a notification from the Director of Categorical Programs.  This notification will advise of the receipt of your request and of any additional information needed to proceed with the approval process.  Do not make any reservations or purchases until you receive official approval from the District Office.
  6. Submit a purchase request form for the registration fee to attend the conference (attach a copy of the conference brochure), estimated costs of hotels, and estimated cost of fuel, at least three weeks in advance of the conference to the Principal’s Secretary noting registration and hotel deadlines on the form in order to get a Purchase Order (PO).  The Business Office will assign a purchase order number and register the attendee(s) for the conference and make hotel reservations (if an overnight stay).  If a check payment is required, please note this on the conference and purchase request forms.  Include all the necessary registration documents, including the name and address where the check is to be mailed. 
  7. It is the conference attendee(s) responsibility to make all transportation arrangements.  Employees attending the same event shall carpool or request a school vehicle.  District transportation should be arranged through the Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Department Office (MOT). If district transportation is not available, authorization may be granted to check out a gas card to fuel your personal vehicle (receipts must be submitted to the business department within 24 hours of returning from the conference).  Mileage reimbursement of a personal vehicle is the last resort and must be pre-approved before claiming the per-diem rate. 
  8. Once the conference request is finalized and approved by the District Office, you will receive notification from a designated District Office employee with a copy of the approved request and hotel reservations (if an overnight stay).
  9. It is the employee’s responsibility to submit the date of absence in the appropriate system, Frontline-Absence Management, as soon as the travel time has been approved.  

Financial Reimbursement:

  1. Complete and sign a District Reimbursement Form itemizing only with pre-approved expenses to be reimbursed. All supporting documents must be attached including original receipts.  Make a copy of all receipts and the reimbursement form for your records.  A copy of the Reimbursement Form can be accessed on the District’s Website, under the Business & Human Resource Office tab, Forms.  
  2. If prior District approval was given for mileage reimbursement, attach verification for round-trip miles driven through mapping service such as; (google maps, MapQuest, etc.) to and from the conference.  The address noted on the mileage configuration should be from the school site where the employee works.
  3. Submit the reimbursement form with supporting documents attached to the Principal’s Secretary for Principal approval at that point the form will then be forwarded to the Business Office for approval and processing payment.
  4. If all required paperwork is attached and the Reimbursement Form is completed correctly, reimbursements will be processed within 10-15 business days of receiving the form and receipts.

Additional Information:

  • The Federal reimbursement mileage rate is .67 cents (2024) per mile and is calculated from the site the employee works.  Federal mileage rate is subject to change annually.
  • The per diem meal allotment for overnight stay is $50 a day; $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $25 for dinner.
  • You must provide a conference agenda that shows what is included (such as meals) in the cost of the registration fee.
  • When completing the requisition for the conference request, please include the name of the person attending the conference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Business Office and they will direct your call to the appropriate staff member.