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Affordable Care Act - IRS Form 1095-C
Recently, employees may have recevied a new tax form, Form 1095-C, that contains detailed infromation about their healh care coverage. It is important to keep the form for your records. You do not need it to file your tax returns for 2015. 
What is Form 1095-C?
Starting in 2016 (for the 2015 tax year), WUHSD will issue a new tax form, Form 1095-C. Form 1095-C is required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It contains detailed information about the medical coverage offered to you and your dependents by the Wasco Union High School District. The IRS will use this information, in part, to validate your compliance with the ACA’s individual shared responsibility requirements. Think of the form as your “proof of insurance” for the IRS.

If you were enrolled in a WUHSD medical plan, worked an average of 30 or more hours per week, or were considered a full-time employee at any point in 2015, then you should receive Form 1095-C. You DO NOT need this form to file your tax return!
Why did I get a Form 1095-C?
WUHSD is required to send the form to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria as part of its reporting obligations under the ACA.
Why did I get more than one Form 1095-C?
If you worked for more than one employer during 2015, you may receive a Form 1095-C from each employer. For example, if you changed jobs in 2015 and were enrolled in coverage with both employers, you may receive a Form 1095-C from each employer.
What do I do with Form 1095-C?
You do not need to submit a copy of your Form 1095-C with your tax return. Most people will only have to check a box on their tax return stating that they (and their dependents, if applicable) were covered  for 2015.
Please consult with your tax advisor if you have questions about filing your tax return.