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Welcome to the Wasco Union High School District web page!!!!!  On April 19, 2017, The California Department of Education named Wasco High School a 2017 California Gold Ribbon School.....Congratulations!!!!
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Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

LCFF and LCAP information                                                               LAST UPDATED 1/22/2019
2018-2019 LCAP (Board Approved 6/14/2018) | Spanish Version
2018-2019 LCAP Analysis from Kern County Superintendent of Schools
K-12 public education is primarily funded through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) which establishes a per student funding amount for all students (Base Grant) and additional funding for low income, foster youth, and English Learner students (Supplemental and Concentration Grants). The additional funding is aligned to goals intended to improve and increase services for those students; consequently, the use of Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding requires input from all stakeholder groups in order to develop the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). 
This year's round of LCFF / LCAP meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:
Time of Year  Activity  Date / Time / Location
September LCAP Informational Meeting As Needed
January - March LCAP Stakeholder Meetings Calendar of Dates
April - May Review Draft LCAP - DAC 4/3/19 (6:00 PM) Room 805
June (Regular Board Meeting) Public Hearing (LCAP / Budget) 5/28/19 (6:00 PM) Board Room
June (Regular Board Meeting) Board Approval (LCAP / Budget) 6/13/19 (6:00 PM) Board Room

Projected LCAP funding amounts (Supplemental and Concentration Grant):

2014-2015: $1,967,559

2015-2016: $3,086,625 (with 53.08% Gap Funding)
2016-2017: $3,713,461 (with 54.84% Gap Funding)
2017-2018: $4,299,352 (with 43.97% Gap Funding) |

2018-2019: $4,834,394 (with 100% Gap Funding)
2019-2020: $4,918,247 (LCFF fully funded - Increases only projected from increased COLA ) 
2020-2021: $4,908,048 (LCFF fully funded - Increases only projected from increased COLA ) 

LCAP Documents: 

2014-2015: 2014-2015 LCAP (English) | 2014-2015 LCAP (Spanish) | LCAP Budget

2015-2016: 2015-2016 LCAP (English) | 2015-2016 LCAP (Spanish) | LCAP Budget

2016-2017: 2016-2017 LCAP (English) | 2016-2017 LCAP (Spanish) | LCAP Budget

2017-2018 LCAP (English) | 2017-2018 LCAP (Spanish) | LCAP Budget
KCSOS LCAP Approval and Analysis

2018-2019: 2018-2018 LCAP (English) | 2018-2019 LCAP (Spanish) | LCAP Budget
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  • LCFF Information at Wested                                                     (http://lcff.wested.org)
  • LCFF / LCAP Informational Flyer (from the CA PTA)                         English | Espanol
  • LCFF / LCAP State Priority Areas and How They Are Measured     EnglishEspanol